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Ziyang city hing macro industry &trade co., LTD. Is located in ziyang city, sichuan province goose jiang area fills the middle road695Number,Adjacent to the chengdu-chongqing railway,Chengdu-chongqing expressway、Hence eyebrow highway,The transportation is convenient、Transportation is convenient,Was established2004Years,The registered capitalaa00000Wan,Mainly engaged in machinery parts、Steel structures and the forging of external processing。



Company's existing laser cutting machine、CNC bending machine and other various types of steel structure processing equipment,One of them,CNC bending machine bending length can reach6M;Laser cutting machine can reach the maximum cutting thickness20Mm,Annual output capacity5000Tons。Free forging and die forging and its ancillary equipment11Taiwan,Can processing die forgings(5T)And free forging(3T),Annual output capacityaaTThe above。

Ziyang city hing macro industry &trade co., LTD

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 Aluminum alloy products

Electric control cabinet

Electrical control cabinet2

Electrical cabinet skeleton


 Forging products

The crankshaft forging pieces

Connecting rod forging

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 Carbon steel welding products

Charging pile enclosure

Container house

Steel plate


 Stainless steel products

Spring adjust pad

Junction boxes

Stainless steel integrated ark

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Ziyang city hing macro industry &trade co., LTD


Address:Ziyang city, sichuan province fills the middle road

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